Real Madrid Won the Club World Cup

Winning the club World Cup three times in a row has given real Madrid players a big bonus ahead of Christmas. Ahead of the Christmas break, real Madrid players won their fourth club World Cup trophy in the united Arab emirates (three in the last three years), while real Madrid players received a nice bonus of 100,000 euros each. This is the real Madrid club and the players talk about good. It is worth noting that real Madrid won the World Club Cup with a bonus of 4. 2 million euros, so the club does not need to spend extra money to pay bonuses to players. In addition to the honor, real Madrid players also received financial awards. Real Madrid played two games in the club World Cup, beating Japan’s Kashima antlers 3-1 in the semi-finals and beating united Arab emirates’ Alayne 4-1 in the final. Solari used only 16 players in the two games, with seven missing minutes: Navas, Casillas, nacho, Odoriosola, Vallejo, Regulon and wade. Although 100,000 euros is not a small sum, it is still a small sum compared with the amount awarded for other important trophies.

For example, after winning the European cup last season, each player of real Madrid received 300,000 euros in after-tax bonus, while the previous year, real Madrid won the double titles of La Liga and champions league, and each player received 1. 5 million euros in bonus. After real Madrid won the club World Cup, coach Solari attended a post-match press conference and thanked the team for their efforts. “It’s up to the players to come to the club World Cup and win the champions league,” Solari said. This championship is a good start for me and I will continue to work hard. Three successive champions league titles and the World Club Cup, it is very difficult to do. These players have made real history with this club. I also want to thank Zidane. This team, and this club, are used to winning. The more we win, the more you understand how difficult it is to keep winning. If you fly longer distances by air, you take greater risks. With our sharp attack and serious attitude, we survived the semi-finals, especially the finals. We played a good game and we won. When we needed a goal, we scored. As for real Madrid’s first title as a coach, Solari said: “I am very satisfied and now we will enjoy it as much as we can because I really want to win it. It’s a good tournament, more beautiful than before. It’s fun and the next step will be to enjoy the holiday because we need it. Do real need help?”I’m not going to talk about this here,” Solari said. Sorry, this team is worthy of the championship. As for the knockout stages, Solari said: “the champions league is another competition and when we return to the champions league we will consider this and it will be a difficult time because the teams that have advanced to the knockout stages are all strong teams and now we need a good rest. “Real Madrid won the World Club Cup for the fifth time in his career, becoming the most decorated player in its history. Kroes won the club World Cup for the first time with Bayern Munich in 2013, while he won four in his five years with real Madrid.